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Summer Club 2023

Register now & enjoy 10% off with Early Bird Sale!

At Storytime Preschool, we believe in educational play to keep your child occupied, happy, safe & learning - and summertime is no exception!

FAQ on Summer School Club:

1. Who is eligible to join?
- All kids ages 2 to 8 years old


2. What are the dates of the club?

-1st Club - 26th June to 14th July

-2nd Club - 17th July to 4th August



3. What are club timings & Early Bird Sale fees:

- Half day: 9am - 12pm - 13,500B from 15,000B

- Full day: 9am - 2pm - 16,200B from 18,000B

- Extended care: 9am - 5pm - 20,250B from 22,500B


Fees include meals & supplies. Bus service available. And as always, free shuttle to NANA BTS is provided.


4. What are the themes of Summer Club?

- Theme One: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

- Theme Two: Visual & Performance Arts

- Theme Three: Young Environmentalists

- Theme Four: Magic of Disney World

- Theme Five: Art Projects for Creativity

- Theme Six: Detectives & Spies

Register now & save 10% and give your child a fun, educational summer!

If you would like us to send you the application form over email instead, please write to us at

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